10 Uber Chic Braids Which Are Simple Yet Stylish

“A girl without braids is like a city without bridges”. Quite true, isn’t it? Braids have always been into fashion. You know what is so amazing about braids? You can design and create it in different ways. May it be a party or a casual date with your bestie, you can get creative with your hairstyling in so many ways. Isn’t that fascinating? Whether you are heading for a party where you haven’t shampooed your hair or keep your hair intact in one place yet look classy, braids will always make you look like a fashionista. To make your braids look thick as well as bouncy, hair extensions with natural curls or highlights will change the entire outlook of your attire.

Let’s delve into the super easy and sassy styles which you are bound to fall head over heels with –

1) French Braid

Always had a classic and elegant charm, French braids is so a classy fashion that blends well with your street style or casual attire. May you be travelling or heading to toned workouts, the best way to keep your hair intact and in place is this spine-tingling classic French braid. All you gotta do is start braiding from the top and as you keep progressing keep adding the hair from both sides alternately. As you reach the neckline just twist a simple braid and the final results are worth a beautifully clicked picture. A Lil practice and you can master the art of doing this simple and classy braid.

2) Fishtail Braid

For medium length hair to long hair, fishtail braids look appealing and sassy. Mess it up with wavy locks and highlighted colors, fishtail braid makes your classy attire look sharp and phenomenal. Known to be one of the most romantic stylings of hair, all you got to do is take tiny sections of your hair from the neckline and start crisscrossing it. And Viola! The end results are surely going to make you fall in love with your own self. Highlight your eyes or go for nude makeup, let your outlook to the talking!

3) Milkmaid Braid

Want to wear a crown with your gown? Or look like a fairy diva with sparkling eyes and simple yet beautiful dresses? Milkmaid braids are so cute. Less time consuming and more like a head garland crowned naturally. This braiding technique is way too easy. Just start with a normal braid from one side of the head and warp it to the other side. Secure it with a bobby pin. To make it look more imperious, lash out some of the strands of your hair and widen the braid to make it look thicker and give it more volume. Set it with a hairspray.

4) Waterfall Braid

Boho or tribal look! One piece of oversized sweatshirts! A cascading shower from the peak can be perfectly highlighted in waterfall braid. It might look a bit of perplexing, but if you can ace it, you can create the look like a pro. If you are a master in doing French braids, waterfall braiding will just take few moments of your busy timings. To make it look more appealing, you can perform three wavy curls or tile the end of the braid with a bright colored ribbon.

5) Fishtail Milkmaid

What an incredible fusion! Fancier and much sassier than a normal milkmaid braid, the fishtail braid is going to be the perfect look for you brunch date or evening get together looks. The format of this braid has to be incurred in such a way that both the braids complement each other impeccably. Create a perfect fishtail braid on one corner of your head and the rest of the procedure is known to you! Secure the braid with a bobby pin or you can also highlight your looks with beautiful hair accessories.

6) French Crown Braid

As the name states, your hair will be the headband tiara for you! You need to know the best and the most unimpeachable technique for highlighting your beautiful crown braid. Again a fusion of two, this type of braid is also known as halo braid. To get the look, you need to start weaving your hair like a French braid from one end of your ear and keep continuing until you reach the other end. Complete the entire look in a circular pattern and fix it with a bobby pin. From neckline length to long hair, this braid is entitled to all. You can even use Ombre hair extensions to make your crown look like a beautifully weaved garland.

7) Upside Down French Braid

It’s time to stand out from the crowd and catch awe looks from your girlfriends and your beloved (of course!). Amateur braiders need to seek help from their peers or so. Else the technique remains the same. All you gotta do is start the French braiding from the nape of neck and head to the top. Secure the entire hair with your rubber band following it into a messy bun. To give it a more beautiful look to this cool hairstyle, you can opt for hair extensions to make you bun thicker and full of volume. Make it a bit messy! Bingo! A perfect look for chic styles!

8) French Rope Braid

Easiest among all, French rope braid is all about twirling. Start taking two sections of your hair and start twisting it. Keep adding the section of the hair from each side before twisting it together. You can either tie it into a pony or form a bun and secure it with bobby pins or fancy hair accessories.

9) Dutch Braid

French braid proficient will easily be able to learn the concept of Dutch braids. The only difference that occurs in a Dutch braid is that it involved the crossing of the hair underneath rather than being overtopped. A pop out appearance that looks sassy and highly becomes a street style fashion trend.

10) Half Up Braid

Uber chic, sassy, bold and stylish, half up braid is so stupendous. There are different ways where you can opt for half up the braid. You can either make a normal half braid or a French braid. You can even complement two looks at the same time. Make a braid and tie it into a half messy bun. Isn’t that so quirky!

There are so many of the braided hair-styling techniques that you can opt for. Just a lil bit of practice and nail it like a pro. From quirky to elegant, braids will forever stay in fashion and will be a leading trend for the styling of your hair. To ornament your looks, there are hair extensions styles, hair colors, hair accessories, clips, pins and even bright colored ribbons.

10 Best Hair-Styling Trends Buzzing in 2018

Why follow the old school fashion steps, when you can beat the rest! Fashion is something that is all your own. It is an art that is inherited in everyone but very few can flaunt them like divas. Why not you being one of them! With ultra violet being the color of 2018, you will be able to view that, designers, stylists and fashion influencers seem to reflect the trend that is going to garner the paparazzi this year. Bell sleeves, beguiling shade of purple, primary color complements, fringes to maxi skirts, 2018 has already created quite a buzz in the styling through different angles of proportions. Isn’t that happening?

But is it only segregated to dressing? Absolutely not! Your hair is the crown that will make you rule the world. And you know what; life is too short to have boring hair! It’s time to break the monotony and make your life a happening one! It’s time to choose the best hairstyles among the enchanting pasticcio! Come let’s disclose this marvelous skepticism!

We have short-listed the top trends that are going to make you rule the styling world among your peers. Embrace natural styling with complementing colors.

1) Fake Fringes

We understand you are not of a fringe enthusiast. But then again, you want to complement your looks in the same fashion. How if we say, it is easier to create fake bangs with your lustrous hair! Muck complemented and creating a huge buzz on the American Music Awards Red Carpet, Kendall Jenner walked up flaunting her newly accentuated looks. All you got to do is fake the fringes or bangs by flipping your hair from the back of your head and making the rest of it into a bun. Use some bobby pins, hairspray and a Hair Straightener to enhance the entire look to perfection.

2) Long Wavy Locks

Just when the New Year is going to seep in, Kim Kardashian West got us drooled with her amazing beauty change. Keeping it long and wavy, Kim kept it simple yet so classy. For integrating such a beautiful look, you can make use of flawless hair extension. And ladies, if you are blessed with such long hair! A Lil touch-up and you are good to go!

3) Two Toned Blonde

A bold look which is only for the risk takers! Ladies if you have seen Selena Gomez latest hair color, we are sure you might have fallen head over heels for her newly acquired blonde hair color. Keep the roots intact and dark; ask your stylist to blend the color of blonde or silvery grey. Go curling so simply brush it straight, this look is quite a stunner.

4) Barely Three Waves

Easy and simple! You no longer have to sit in front of the mirror and keep seeking for perfection. Anyone can create this look, from short to long hair! All you got to do is take up your straightener and create three waves. To keep it intact, hairspray will do the rest of the work for you. Kristen Stewart seems to flaunt those barely three waves like a pro.

5) Tight and High Pony

With spring doing around the corner and summer following, the high pony is sure to make the best statement for your street style fashion. Hairspray and your comb will do the entire work for you. View Zendaya’s high sleek pony! Isn’t that chick and cool?

6) Blunt Cute Bob

Bobs are taking the fashion trend to a new era. If you are a hairstyle fanatic and experiment enthusiast, there is no harm in carrying out this blunt lines in a bob. Miranda Kerr has proved to showcase her blunt bob like a pro. Just comb and let go! In vogue, isn’t it! So if you have short hair or shoulder length hair, we are sure, you are going to carry this look like a virtuoso!

7) Undone Updos

Tight smooth buns are old and gone! It’s time to be messy and quirk yet staying stylish. Waves and layers are catching loads of attention. The best part about this hairstyle is that you get to give your hair more volume. A simple updo and allowing your locks, bangs and curls do the talking is all you need. How graceful does Alessandra Ambrosio look in her loose Bun!

8) Deep Side Parting

Jessica Alba looks drop-dead gorgeous by styling her hair into a deep side part. Quite a dramatic look which can be opted to look just majestic and ostentatious! Create the parting from the side of the eyebrow arch and make sure the lining is stick straight. You can choose to have stick straight hair or give it volume with loose colored curls. Glamorous, isn’t it?

9) Super Pixie

It is said short is bold. But none can flaunt the boldness like Ruby Rose does. One of the sassiest hairstyles of 2018 is the smooth super pixie. To keep your pixie look bold yet smooth, take your combing brush and hair wax, smoothen it all over. Flaunt those dauntless looks divas!

10) Passe Curls

Old is gold. Also known as the retro curls, Katy Perry looks dauntingly bewitching in her hairstyle. You acquire the look you need to dampen your hair and apply volumizing hair mousse, wrap up your rollers and blow dry. Loosen it up and let your curls do the talking for you. You can brush it smoothly without frizzing it out and create smoothening curls.

From short hair to pixies to bold colors, it is all about the trend that you can follow. Styling is all up to you. It is the fashion that you buy but the styling is what you own. Stand out from the crowd! Let your hair and your dress up do the talking for you. Guess what! Even if you are in your simplest of clothes and no makeup on, just style your hair! Transform it into a messy bun or a loosened braid; you are bound to create a fashion statement on your own!

15 Best Hairstyles That You can Opt for Based on Your Face Shape

The human hair is a protein filament that grows follicles found in the dermis of our head. It is a basic characteristic of all mammals but for humans, it is more than just that. For women, their hair is something that replicates their personality and style-sense that accentuates their beauty in a perfect way. If you are someone looking for a perfect hairstyle then you need to learn the basics of choosing the perfect style that complements your face type. In this, we are going to take you through the various types of faces shapes and the respective hairstyles that complement the beauty.

There are mainly six different types of faces of the human kind including both men and women, which are- heart-shaped, long-shaped, square-shaped, oval-shaped, round-shaped, and triangle-shaped. However, in case of men, the related hairstyles are entirely different from what women opt for. From wispy bangs, cute bobs to pixie cuts, there are incomparable hairstyles techniques which will make you look like a complete Diva.  Therefore, to get you injected with some engulfing hairstyles, let us hover you will some amazing looks based on your face shapes.

1) The heart-shaped face type:

The heart-shaped faces are notable for their strong hairline and pointed chins. This sharp feature is enamored by many celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift and Naomi Campbell.

Let’s go for a paparazzi ride:

  • Side Swept Blunt Bangs: To look impeccably sharp, the soft, side-swept bangs will make your eyes look amazing while it draws attention away from your chin. Generally, not all-one-length hair falling below the shoulder complements most facial-features. Rather you can experiment with bangs, if you are not a fan of layers. Reese Witherspoon has confidently carried out this look which you will want to go head over heels for!

  • The Long Bob: To put it in simple words, Lob is classy and quite universal. But not everyone has the personality trait for carry the hairstyle immaculately. So if you are seeking for wash-and-go yet chic classy blunt style, try following Jennifer Aniston’s She is one of those heart-skipped and heart-shaped celebs opting for easy styles that are statuesque and leaves an impacting feature.

  • Long, pin-up curls: Love for long hair? Still wish to experiment with your looks? Try out Reese Witherspoon’s long pin-up curls that are ultra-flattering to a heart-shaped face. A stark contrast to the hairstyle mentioned earlier, this style adds soft, wide curls at the face’s end and is suitable for women with thick foreheads.

  • Blunt Cut: Definitely, the most bold, blunt and liked hairstyle by the celebrity singer-songwriter- performer Taylor Swift, this style perfectly accentuates her face type by adding fringes that precisely camouflages her wide forehead.

  • The Long Side Swept Bangs: Wisp bangs, flare hither and thither! Beautiful yet classy, side-swept bangs soften your face shape and draw attention away from your strong chin and jawline. Jennifer Love Hewitt is someone you should follow in case you yearn for this kind of a hairstyle.

2) The Long-Shaped face type: Broad Cheekbones, Strong Jawlines, and elongated foreheads are some of the prime characteristics of this facial feature. They are much narrower than most face types and are inherited by celebs like Ashlee Simpson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Alexa Chung and Gisele Bundchen. Let’s view wondrous hairstyles that can be inculcated for such features:

  • The Beach Waves: If you have inherited an oblong face, Gisele Bundchen is the celeb you can choose to follow for your hairstyle choice. This Amazonian supermodel with long legs and her hair in proportion with the rest of her body is simply flawless. She has the height to go with it and in case, you do not share the same then you can just ask your stylist to chop a few inches from the bottom.

  • Blunt bang: Cute yet ravishing! As stated by the name itself, celebrity Christa B. Allen creates the look with perfect proportions across her face. A well-excepted style for oblong faces, this style emphasizes a long style cut with thick, blunt-cut bangs. You can go down the line for this one if you intend to hide some of the proportions of the strong features of your face.

  • Side Swept Bangs: A flattering feel to anyone who carries the style has the perfect final addition to any oblong face and is opted by celebrity model and actress Kelly Rowland. It creates an illusion of fullness around her face with just the perfect volume of hair on the sides.

  • Major Volume Curls: A perfect hairstyle for women with oblong face-types and curly hair, this style lays emphasis on adding volume in every direction complementing its shape in an immaculate way. You can consider Tyra Banks as your go-to source for inspiration if you decide to opt for such kind of a style for your hair.

  • The Blunt Cut: Slightly different from the hairstyle sported by Christa B. Allen, this genre of hairstyle involves shorter and slightly heavier bangs. This style is often sported by Tyre Banks and suitably complements her unique facial shape.

3) The Square-Shaped face type: If your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are of the same width then you probably have this type of face shape. As they share stark similarities, this type is often confused with the round-shape type. Well, the square-shaped face type has angular and sharp features and you can differentiate between the two in this way. Here is a list of five best hairstyles for this kind of a face-type:

  • Victoria’s Secret Waves: Most favorite among lingerie models because of its feminine, sexy and ultra-flattering, Victoria’s Secret Waves is totally mastered by Lily Aldridge. The success of this style depends on the placement of the longest strand.


  • Heavy Fringe: In case, the outside edges of your fringe are longer than the center of it, the styling of bangs into fringes is seamless. It creates volume to balance out your strong jawline and is the chosen style of celebrity actress, author and fashion designer, Nicole Richie.

  • The Long Bob: The long bob involves long, thick strands of hair hanging in panels on either side of the face and creating the illusion of volume. It is the perfect style for anyone who wants a straight or wavy style but wants it to be low maintenance. Olivia Wilde with her strong jawline and square face owns this style with grace.

  • Long Chignon: This style perfectly accentuates a square-shaped face by cutting side swept bangs across the forehead in order to make it look narrower. This style is often sported by Jennifer Lawrence who does it perfectly to camouflage her strong features.

  • Long, Blunt Cut: Such a long style creates the illusion of length while balancing out the strong features. It complements Lucy Liu’s face type in the perfect way.

We have taken you through all the various hairstyles that women with heart-shaped, long-shaped and square-shaped face sport with their respective celebrity reference. Now, you can easily figure out your face type and chalk out the right hairstyle for your face by referring to these styles. If you happen to like what we tried to do here then we are going to update you with the hairstyles sported by the other face types and you will be surely spoiled with more options to choose from. So, wait no more and visit your stylist today along with your celebrity reference if your face type belongs among the ones we discussed over here.