How to Flaunt Brazilian Hair in the Best Way

Long and thick hair is the desire of every girl. Now, you too can get a long and beautiful hair using Brazilian hair extension. All you need some basic care to flaunt healthy and beautiful hair.

Confidence makes women beautiful. However, when their hair ditches with them, their confidence goes down. The increasing pollution is a real threat to the modern women whose hairs suffer a lot every day. Does it mean women should forget their long and thick hair? Not at all! These days, weaves and hair extensions are getting popular because these tools allow the women to look gorgeous even in this age where healthy long hair is only a dream. Virgin Brazilian hair extension is one of the most preferred products available in the market.

Brazilian hair extension is not only beautiful but natural looking, smooth, and silky. Like your natural hair, this weave also needs certain special care. If you want the weave last long, you should maintain a daily care routine. Do not worry! It will not take much of your time. Even you have no need of going to the salon; you can do it at your home.

Brazilian Hair Care

1. Let’s start with the weave. First, you should apply the Brazilian weave properly so that it looks beautiful and you can take care of it easily. If you apply it in the wrong way, it may come out earlier than the expected duration; even it can strain your natural hair and cause excessive damage and hair fall. Your weave should not be too tight because it may affect your scalp. On the other hand, you should attach the weave so loosely because it may break your hair.

2. Next, you should pay special attention to the cleaning of your virgin Brazilian hair extensions. It is important to choose a cleanser as per your scalp type. If your scalp is oily, then you should use powder shampoo because this kind of product will absorb the oil and the clean the scalp and extension effectively. You should wash your extension weekly using a mild shampoo. It is better to start with the scalp down and to the hair edges. You should always do it slowly to avoid the hair tangling. If your scalp is dry, then you can use light oil on your scalp before applying shampoo. It will keep your Brazilian hair moisturized.

3. In this step, you should complete your Brazilian hair care with a reliable conditioner. For best result, your extension needs a deep conditioning at least once in a month. If your Brazilian hair extension is colored and dry, then you should apply a deep conditioning treatment once in every two weeks to make the hair smooth and silky. If you skip this conditioning part, your hair may dry out too much, and as an outcome, hair fall will be obvious.

A Final Takeaway

No matter which shampoo or conditioner you are using, you must rinse out the products thoroughly, otherwise, the remaining products would affect your scalp negatively. You should use a thick towel to dry the hair and do pat the hair dry. It would be better if you can avoid using a hair dryer because dryer makes hair dry and frizzy. If you think you cannot do without a dryer, then you should adjust the heat properly to protect the hair from the excessive heat. Always remember that Peruvian Hair cannot tolerate extreme heat. Therefore, whenever you are using a hair dryer, you should be careful enough. Additionally, you should use a wide toothed comb and a weave brush to get any hairstyle of your choice. Work slowly from one section to another section so that you can avoid pulling or tugging which can cause breakage.

So, what are you thinking girls? Now when you know all about Brazilian hair extensions, surprise everybody with your beautiful hair.

Get a New Look with Eight Types of Virgin Indian Hair

If you are in search of a perfect weave, you need to go through this article. Here you will learn about eight types of virgin Indian hair weave that can effectively enhance your beauty.

Hair is a crowning glory to every woman. Even if you depend on weave, you should pick only the quality hair extension to ensure that it can carry the style you love the most. Virgin Indian hair is one of the best tools that can give you a gorgeous look. This hair weave looks more natural in comparison to other weaves because this kind of extended hair is harvested directly from the head of Indian women who donate their hair for religious purposes. The entire process of hair collection ensures that all of the cuticles remain aligned and safe. So far, quality and versatility are concerned, Indian hair extension hair is similar to Brazilian hair extension.

Let us have a quick look at six major key characteristics of virgin Indian Hair:

  • Quality- Indian hair is considered as one of the best hairs having a healthy and shiny texture.
  • Color- Indian hair is naturally black and it blends well with a number of dark hairs
  • Thickness- Thickness of Indian hair ranges from fine to medium label. This particular nature makes India hair a good choice for ethnic and Caucasian hair texture.
  • Versatile Nature- This hair is really a versatile one that varies from mild wavy to deep curly range.
  • Textures- Indian hair is blessed with multiple textures ranging from light to deep curl and straight hair.
  • Manageability- The best thing about virgin Indian hair is that you can pick any style- curly or straight.

Now, let’s have a look at eight gorgeous hairstyle types you can try to outshine your friends or colleagues:

1. Jerry Curly Indian Hair Bundle

If you are a fun-loving woman who is well known for a bubbly attitude, then you should pick this Jerry Curly Indian hair.

2. Indian Deep Body Wave

If you want to get a movie star look, this is the best hairstyle for you. It will give you a classy look.

3. Indian Body Wave Human Virgin Hair Bundles

Indian body wave human virgin hair bundle helps you get an elegant and natural looking hairstyle with full bounce and body. You can easily curl your hair, as the texture is simply fine.

4. Indian Virgin Hair Loose Wave Bundles

Indian virgin hair loose wave bundle is perfect for young women who want to maintain a casual look.

5. Natural Wave Virgin Hair Bundles

For a youthful and natural-looking simple look, you can pick Natural Wave Virgin Hair Bundle.

6. Indian Virgin Straight Hair Bundles

Straight hair bundle effectively enhances one’s glamour and beauty appeal. It is perfect for every style and clothes. When you do have an Indian virgin straight bundle, you can try any attire or makeup to complement it.

7. Water Wave Bundles

Water wave bundle is ideal for a natural look and mostly the teenagers and younger women who want to look stylish all the time prefer it.

8. Raw Indian Virgin Hair Bundles

If fullness, density, and bounce are your top priorities, then you should pick Raw Indian virgin hair bundle because it goes well with Indian skin tone.

Everything you do to maintain your own style statement would be futile if you fail to take care of some basic things. Some most-effective tips are listed below that can help you maintain a healthy Indian hair care routine:

  • Wash your hair at least once in a week
  • Condition your hair every week
  • Before sleeping, divide your hair into two braids
  • Never go to sleep with we hair
  • Brush your hair regularly at least 3-4 times

If you are confused over a weave type, virgin Indian hair can be a good choice due to its thickness, natural color, and quality. With this weave, you can try any style to look beautiful and elegant.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Hair Extension in Top Condition

Hair extensions have become an integral part of contemporary fashion trends. From celebrity women to homemakers’ hair extensions have become the popular choice to make a distinguished fashion statement. Like all beautiful things, your hair extension requires care and maintenance so that it can serve you to its optimum potential. Irrespective of the kind of hair extension that you adorn, when it comes to their maintenance the caring protocols remain same. You need to understand that even the most durable manmade structures require maintenance, and your coveted hair extension is not an exception. In short, there is no easy way out when it comes to maintaining your hair extension. Drop your guards and you risk the damage from unprecedented wear and tear. We understand your concern with hair extensions and propose these 7 sublime tips to keep it in good condition.

Always keep your extension clean

The old saying that cleanliness is close to godliness holds true when it comes to taking care of your hair extension. Well, it will not be surprising to a fashion or style enthusiast that if your coveted hair extension looks messy and untidy it will mar your charm and create a bad impression on the mind of onlookers. Hence, you need to wash your hair extension with good brands of shampoo. Consulting your professional hair consultant will be the best way to choose a correct brand of shampoo. Make sure that after washing and conditioning your hair extension you carefully brush them in a manner so that they are not disrupted.

Check the ingredients of your shampoo

If you really love your hair then do not blindly believe in the tall claims of FMCGs and multinationals. All shampoos are detergent based and contain artificial colors, preservatives, and fragrance much of which may make your hair extensions fragile. However, you cannot avoid shampooing your hair for long. At some point in time, your hair extension will have to meet those obnoxious chemicals. Moreover, if you flaunt delicate Brazilian hair extension you need to go one-step ahead in adopting precautionary measures. All you can do is take some precautions like avoiding shampoos that contain alcohol. Make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly with soft water.

Consider professional tightening

If you find that, your extensions are getting loose then give a second thought for professional assistance. This is particularly useful if you have them weaved from professional stylists in the first place. If you are flaunting complex hair such as Brazilian extension, then getting it professionally tightened will offer much convenience than going to the saloon for a brand new set.

Combing with care

Be nice to your hair extension and do not force the comb through your hair. If you wish to keep the roots of your hair extension stable at the roots, then you cannot throw caution to the wind. Make sure to grab your hair at the base close to your head and comb gently.

Air Dry

Leave your hair to dry out naturally or make it towel dry. If ever you need to use a hair drier or a hair-straightening rod, make sure to put the device on lowest setting available. Minimal usage of dryer and straightening rods will help the hair extensions to last for its optimum lifespan.

Talk to your stylist

Expert advice is the best thing to count on when it comes to hair care. Feel free to talk with your stylist. You never know when a sublime tip that may seem insignificant on the front can make a lot of difference in the end. Visit your stylist on a regular basis that will give you the needed information concerning the maintenance of your hair extension.

Maintain healthy scalp

You simply cannot give a fig to the well-being of your scalp when it comes to hair care. A clean and healthy scalp will provide your virgin hair extensions a strong foundation. Make sure to clean your scalp with witch hazel every alternate day or as suggested by your hair specialist. Use witch hazel to help your scalp in producing those natural oils that will keep your hair healthy.

Sleep tight

Before you hit the bed, make sure that your hair is dry and wrap it in a soft cloth. This will protect the hair from mangling when you sleep. Likewise, you can choose to cover your hair at other times s well. For instance, while swimming you can wear a tight cap. This will keep the unwanted chlorine at bay from damaging your hair extensions.

Follow your instincts

No one loves your styling lace closure more than you do. Hence, although there is no harm in taking expert opinions, remember that the final choice depends on you. There is no doubt that you will be receiving all sorts of advice on how to take care of your extensions but it is your sole discretion to adopt a procedure that suits you best and fulfills your requirements. In short, caring your hair extension cannot be generalized. Process and procedures that work for one person may not yield the desired result for you. Take for example, that one person may not face a problem with the usage of metal brush whereas another person with similar kind of extension may have to use a soft bristled brush.

Avoid coloring and perms

It does not require a special mentioning that you want to preserve those attractive loose wave hair extensions for the maximum time realistically feasible. Hence, irrespective of the facts that whether you use human hair or synthetic extension try to stay away from colors no matter how strong the urge is. Likewise, if you pursue outdoor hobbies like swimming make sure to wear a hair cap to keep chlorine away as it is known to damage both human and synthetic hair extensions.

Prefer to use natural moisturizers

Caring your hair extension should be approached with the ambition of staying close to nature and organic products. Hair experts recommend that you should regularly use naturally occurring moisturizing agents like Aloe Vera gels, silk proteins etc to keep your extension free flowing and gorgeous. Similarly, you will receive added benefits from the application of hair conditioners. Have patience and make sure that you wait for at least half an hour after applying it so that it may get fully absorbed.

Over caring, is a sin?

Over-enthusiastic fashion freaks often make the mistake of washing hair extension regularly. It is a strict no-no if you wish to increase the longevity of your hair extension. You need to wash it after two-three alternate days. Never forget that the essential oils produced from the scalp will fail to make its way into the hair extensions resulting in dry and damaged hair.

The list of tips can continue but following all of them may not be necessary even if they are feasible. Introspect on your present condition before making a final choice. Hair extensions are not cheap and the cheap do not last long. Do not hesitate on the needful that could keep your hair extensions look gorgeous and last longer. As disclosed earlier you need to take carking care of your hair extension but avoid extremities. Keep realistic expectations from your hair extension and remember the universal law that all natural things are bound to decay and wear out.

Flaunt Your Best Looks This Summer With Fabulous Hairstyles

As the summer season makes its presence felt in full might it is time for pretty Betties to flaunt their charismatic look and let style alone do the talking for them.  Well, for all the style conscious glam girls and women out there here comes the big news. A leading hair styling company is offering you some fabulous hairstyles that will help you to draw admiration and be the cynosure of all eyes. Brace yourself for some lustrous and breathtaking hairstyles that are easy to manage and help you to beat the summer heat. Lets’ get going with this;

  • Low Ponytail

A low ponytail is an evergreen hairstyle that will make you look gorgeous in all seasons. Forget the humidity and scorching summer heat with this hairstyle, you will look elegant even on a hot humid day. All you need to do is wash your hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. That is it you are ready to go.

  • Top – Knot Chunky

Top Knot Chunky Hairstyles

The slightly cluttered texture of the bun adds to the beauty of this hairstyle. Although, it has its own share of imperfections it does softens your overall appeal. Hair experts are of the opinion that if you wish to embrace this style then it is best to use large bobby pins. The smaller ones may not be ideal, as they are likely to have less stability. If you wish to give an elegant finishing touch do not forget to use a strong hold hairspray.

  • Shiny waves

If you wish to keep the shine of your hair intact and weight your curls down at the same time then this is the style for you. Once you have blow-dried, your gorgeous strands with a curling iron apply a multitasking serum that will revive your hair without any traces of residual buildup while improving hair glow.

  • Fashion ponytail

First sported by Emma Roberts this hairstyle is the brainchild of her Straight Hair styling expert Marcus Francis.  To sport this hairstyle you need to take care of two things. First, be particular about the natural lining of your cheekbone when you pull your hair back. If you are not sure then it is better to look for higher lengths. Next, you need to tilt your head back as you gather which will help you to keep hair at the nape cleaner and tighter.

  • Falling down updo

If you are not fond of using pampering hair products and wish to blend a soft formal appeal then this hairstyle is certainly meant for you.  This hairstyle has a universal appeal and you can adorn it even for formal events like a wedding. You can easily get the ringlets bounce and shape with a curling iron and one-inch barrel. Lastly, give your hair a few twists and get them pinned into a low updo.

  • Exposed bobby pins

Elle Fanning has displayed the latest of its kind. She deserves your kudos for exhibiting the power of simple hairpin to look you great. Certainly, the hairpin is the focal point of this hairstyle. All you need to do is pin down one side of your hair at the temple and let few locks loose beneath it.

  • Low maintenance updo

If you are the fashionista and wish to tame those fizzing hair strands with a subtle gloss then this is surely your hairstyle.  If you seek a low maintenance hairstyle for the wedding or an elegant way to put your hair up on an average day then this updo is ideally suited for you. Similarly, if you doubt your skill in executing intricate styles or a firm believer in simplicity then this style can help you to achieve the zenith of elegance.

  • Tousled Pixie

Tousled Pixie Hairstyles

Is your short hair puffing on a hot and humid climate? If yes, then why not opt for extra lift at your roots.  Just get a dab of styling wax or paste between your palms and then use your fingertips to twist, mold, and paste small sections at your own discretion. End up with a blast of cold air that will give you the desired style.

  • Simple twist

If you cherish a hairstyle that will look voluminous and bouncy then this one can suffice your requirements. The best thing about it is the ease with which one can adorn it. To begin with, take small sections of your hair from your part and keep twisting it back away from the face. If you can give more time, keep on adding curls with a curling iron. For best results, use a large barrel curling iron.

  • Braided Ponytail

If you have the special liking for high ponytail then this is your elusive hairstyle. The best thing is that you can upgrade your everyday look. All you need to do is add randomly one-inch plaits to the base of your pony. Once the tail is ready just wrap a strand around the hair elastic for concealing it.         

  • 70s Half updo 

If you are fond of strict and smoother retro-inspired look then all you need to do is pull your hair back on both sides of the head. This will make sure that the ears stay covered. Lastly, using crossed bobby pins on the back of the head.

  • Soft curls

With this one, you can give your hair a new lease of life, curling the bottom part of your hair with a curling iron and brushing all the hair to one side. Finally, while the hair is still warm you can set the waves with hairspray.

  • Twisted Bun

Get hold of your strands on either side of the head roll them back along your hairline adding more volume of hair working your way backward. Similar to the style of French Braid you need to tuck few pins to manage those twists that are heavy and tipping forward. Keep wrapping the two twists into an untidy bun and lastly get them secured with pin and elastic. If you find any asymmetries or imperfections, there is no need to worry, as the style is not meant to look prim.

  • French Braids

French Braids are best for keeping those sweaty and greasy bangs away from your forehead. With this hairstyle, you can manage those fringes with any face-framing layers that tend to be stuck on your face.  Before braiding it give your plaits extra staying power with a blast of dry shampoo that will provide the firm grip and hold.

  • Swingy Bob

This hairstyle is something between a wavy and blunt that is neither overtly straight nor wavy. Hence, it is the perfect option for humid days. You need to use wave spray and instant volume increasing mist before getting your hair blow-dried and blending the ends with the 1.5-inch curling iron.

  • Half up half down bob

Irrespective of hair length, this hairstyle is perfect a match for those wanting their strands away from the face but cherishes to wear their hair downwards.

  • Wavy Bob

Wash your hair with a texture improving shampoo for enhancing the natural curl pattern and let it dry. Get your heating tools ready and bring out the natural waves adding grit to your strands.

  • Retro Ponytail

This one is reminiscent of 60’s hairstyle and is the one flaunted by Jennifer Lopez at the 2017 Met Gala. If you have, a figure to envy this hairstyle will look gorgeous on you.

  • Single Braid

Do you jaunt a hairstyle that has a bob but not long enough to pull it back? If that is true, part your hair to the side and braid the front piece of one side. Give the finishing touch by securing it with a bobby pin behind your ear.

  • Pull back natural curls

If you wish to adorn this hairstyle then you need to keep your hair hydrated and well defined with a hair mist. If your hair is having a natural texture then on a scorching summer day you need to hydrate your curls often.

  • Messy top-knot

The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can recreate it within 5 minutes or less. Irrespective of the fact that your hair is wet or dry just twist your hair to keep the look elegant.

  • Beachy Waves

Do you aspire to get those typical summer beauty looks?  If your answer is yes, then all you need to is use a flat iron for creating undone bends in your hair and shield those gorgeous strands from heat damage with a protective spray before styling it.

  • Loose Textured Braid

Before raking your hair into a low braid gently, tease your hair at the crown. Gently pull up the braid or pancake it that will be adding a bit of texture to the plate and prevent it from looking fussy.

  • Tousled Low Bun

With this hairstyle, you can add more waves to your updo; all you need is a medium curling iron to your hair on one-inch sections before pulling them up.

The hairstyle you wish to flaunt is a matter of personal choice. You have the full liberty to follow a trend that best suits you. If you wish to create a fashion statement of your own then impeccable hairstyles are the way to it.

Which Hair is Better – Brazilian Vs Peruvian Hair?

Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be. And c’mon, we women do not just want to leave ourselves for a bad hair day. Ain’t got time for that! Isn’t It? The best of the statement was quoted by Anais Nin, “I’m restless, things are pulling me away. My hair is pulled by the stars again.” Wonderful to read and to feel! So what we basically mean to portray is, Never, Never and Never give up on your hair. It is the most precious and prized possession that you have acquired in the growing years of your life and still possessing the same.

Oh, wait! Did you just chop off your hair! Oh-no! What about your favorite look then! But why to feel upset, when you can be blessed with long hair and pull it off like a pro. How? Of course, Human Hair Extensions is the answer for your curious soul! Know what Coco Chanel deciphers, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” And to be the same, you need to be the one to garner steely and envious glances from your peers. Who said you cannot buy happiness! Purchase the best hair extension and let it look real! Can you be any happier?

Basically, when we turn up with the concept of hair extensions to make you look exemplarily beautiful! The entire thing about virgin hair extensions depends on the quality and the type of hair. In our last post, we have infused you with the knowledge of the difference between Brazilian hair extensions and Malaysian Hair Extensions. But then we have come across women who are in a dilemma regarding the quality and difference between Brazilian and Peruvian hair extensions.

To gain and style for an astonishingly pulchritudinous look, we are taking you for a friendly debate between Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair. Obviously, both have different origination and hair quality and hairstyle. But what is the best for you? We need to venture into the journey of the different types of hair extensions. Let’s take the ride.

Brazilian Hair –

One of the most beautiful and selected hair extensions in the market, Brazilian Hair extensions is most versatile. They have huge volume and luminous shine. There are different patterns of Brazilian hair and the use of hair styling products are always welcome. Though when you are exposed to the humid environment, the wavy hair will be back to its originality! In comparison to Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair showcases wide color ranges, different lengths, and is quite shinier and thicker than the comparative hair. No special maintenance is needed; rather it blends well with any hairstyle.

Peruvian Hair –

Usually, have a thicker and coarser texture than Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair is quite light in weight. There are different patterns as that of the Brazilian hair. The plus point being it is highly manageable even when you haven’t got the time to maintain it properly. The curls might not be able to hold as much as the other extensions due to its soft texture. This type of hair is extremely popular among the African-American Women.

See, like we already mentioned you, every hair has its own specialty and so does the above two. You still seem to be in a state of perplexity. No worries, like our previous post, we have formulated the same here too. Let’s just venture into the different types of hair and their differences as per their origin. Let’s take the poll –


  • Brazilian Hair

Mainly a mixture of European, Spanish and Native ancestry, straight Brazilian hair is quite straight. But as it is formulated in the way the donor has donated so the hair might be little wavy at the time. Highly silky in nature, straight Brazilian hair can be styled, stick-straightened, colored and even curled. This hair has medium to a high luster and is quite thick from the root to the ends. Quite soft in nature but also has a coarse texture, highly commendable to Afro-Caribbean hair.

  • Peruvian Hair

Pretty silky and almost straight, this type of hair blends well with any hair texture. To curl the same, you need to have styling products at the same time; you need a straightener for straightening the hair. In short, it requires heat for styling. It does remain the same even if being exposed to humid conditions but make sure that you use heat protector for its long life.


  • Brazilian Hair

Usually formulated by the donors from Mixed Spanish, Native Indian and African ancestry, this type of hair is highly popular in the marketplace. It is usually blessed with a natural wave which can often be seen in dark brown color and has a coarse texture. Quite voluminous, wavy Brazilian hair is highly popular among celebrities due to of its versatility. For gaining beautiful and bouncy curls, this wavy hair extension is undoubtedly the answer for you.

  • Peruvian Hair

In the recent years, the wavy Peruvian hair is gaining its popularity. This type of hair is not tightly curled but is let loose. So if you have the idea of letting loose your hair, Peruvian hair has a beautiful wavy texture. Quite light and airy in nature, wavy Peruvian hair has a medium luster to make it look healthy and clean. Basically, in the form of dark brown, you can even choose to dye the hair and not lose the shine.


  • Brazilian Hair

Originated from Native Indian and African ancestors, this Brazilian hair is quite curly and ranges from dark brown to nearly black in color. It is highly durable and voluminous where you do not require much of the bundles for a sassy look. Can highly hold humidity and heat, this Brazilian hair can complement any hair quality and will have a prolonged life is maintained properly.

  • Peruvian Hair

Mostly steamed curled to create the tight curly pattern, Peruvian hair is quite durable. This actually allows retaining the pattern and structure of the hair even in hot and humid conditions. Resistant to heat and damage, it is recommended that to retain its look it should be highly maintained with the right hair care products and moisturized on a regular basis.

Who wins the crown?

Both the types of Virgin hair have their own specialty and beauty. Both the types of hair can highly complement any hair type. If you are waiting for an everyday wear, Peruvian Hair is the best selection. You can use styling tools to keep it curly. On the other hand, if you are looking for versatile, durable, lusturous hair and Brazilian hair extension is the best choice. Now, it is up to you which is the one that you want to choose and want to style with. “Can’t say it enough! Change your hair and change your life, wear the beautiful crown that you have hidden in sight.”

Which Hair is Better Brazilian Vs Malaysian Hair?

In 2013, Iris Apfel so amazingly quoted in Harper’s Bazar, “if your hair is done properly, and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything.” After all, we women have the multi power in us. Sparking and smokey eyes, take in the pain hidden in the pointed heels, from professional or casuals, from messy bun to stick straightness, we women can conceal glitches and spring on the peerless. And when it comes to hair, it is a triviality to keep it the same. Why not break the monotony and experiment? Cause you are never perfectly and completely dressed without great hair! And how can you do that? Of course, voluminize, shine, sparkle, stand out from the crowd with amazing and awestuckingly beautiful virgin hair extensions.

Coming to the concept of hair extensions, women often tend to get confused regarding the quality and the type of virgin hair that will portray immaculate and impeccable gorgeous looks. One of the most and highly opted hair extensions in the market has been virgin hair extension. Known to be the best type of human hair, the most popular virgin human hair extensions are Brazilian Hair and Malaysian Hair.

The side-splitting thing is that both the types of hair extensions are so amazing and stylish that women get confused on opting any one of it for a bewitching look. People tend to get confused and feel that the formulations of hair extensions are all the same, which is not the case. Different types of virgin human hair extensions have different features, different origination, and the entire outlook of the extension depends who can pull it off.

So, we are here to showcase you two of the most opted and yearned hair extensions and their distinctions. Let’s set the poll and know who is in the queue to win the title! Let us introduce you to the basics.

Brazilian Hair –

One of the most selected and highly opted by fashionistas, Brazilian hair is highly durable, lustrous and is quite versatile. It easily blends with natural hair and can be classified into different patterns. From straight, wavy, curls to kinky curls, Brazilian hair extensions come in different colors and length. It is quite voluminous as does not require much of the bundles for pulling off a note-perfect look. You need not perform special maintenance on this hair. Proper care can make it last upto a year and a half.

Malaysian Hair –

Highly lustrous, Malaysian hair is way silkier and shinier than Brazilian hair. The lustre can range from low to medium. Though the shine loses its charm after few washes after is air dried the Malaysian Hair showcases its natural shine. There are natural curls in the Malaysian hair and it does not require special maintenance for inheriting its original look. Can be styled in different ways, Malaysian hair an extension come in black and dark brown and highly synchronizes with African American hair.

Both having the best of the choices, we know you are still confused with the poll. Why not delve more into the research and distinguish between the patterns of the two hair extensions. That would be indeed helpful, isn’t it?

1. Straight Hair

  • Brazilian Hair –

Having a thick texture, the straight Brazilian Hair extension is coarse in nature. It is highly durable and you can use any styling accessories or products to enhance your entire look. As it is naturally straight, you can style it the way you want, curl it or form a tight high pony.

  • Malaysian Hair –

Comes in different shades from a tinge of dark brown to light brown to nearly black, Malaysian Hair is straight with natural waves. It easily gets a blend with natural hair. With the base of silky texture, this hair extension can be let loose.

2. Wavy Hair

  • Brazilian Hair –

This type of Hair extension is filled with volume and has a lustrous outlook. It is one of the most popular hair extensions in the fur market. Known to have different colors in the hair extensions, Brazilian Hair Extensions are highly resistant to sunlight. It is highly lustrous and voluminous. When you wash the hair make it air dry so retain its looks and use low heat for styling your hair.

  • Malaysian Hair –

Heavier and thicker than Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Hair Extension is highly lustrous and provides a silkier the most beautiful look when left loose. It possesses a coarse texture and is highly feasible for African and Afro-American women.

3. Curly Hair

  • Brazilian Hair –

Mostly coarse in nature and is naturally curly gained from the mixed race of African and Native Brazilians. This hair is one of the versatile choices in the market. Quite heavy and thick, Brazilian hair is highly durable. With only little maintenance, the softness and the natural curly feature remain intact for a prolonged time. Ranging from brown to black, they can be S-shaped or Z-shaped curls.

  • Malaysian Hair –

Coarse and naturally curly in nature, Malaysian hair is found from dark brown to jet black. Durable and blends well with Afro-Caribbean hair types. Malaysian curly hair is tight in nature and does not need any holding spray to retain its look.

Who Is The Winner, At Last?

Well, it actually depends upon your requirements. Confused! Let’s guide you! If you are looking for the best hair extension that is thicker and coarser, we suggest you go for Brazilian hair extension. Again, if you are seeking for soft wavy hair, Malaysian hair suits the best. It actually depends on the hair texture and style that you possess and which hair extension will beautifully compliment your entire look. So, we are sure, you are going to weave a beautiful natural crown with the best extension that suits your fashion statement.

What’s The Difference Between Brazilian, Malaysian And Peruvian Hair?

Nothing can be so blissful than investing in yourself. After all, to make you way happier and merrier is through 4 intonations. “Eat, Sleep, Do Hair, Repeat”. And then we come across statements from women who want to flaunt their looks through beautifully fabricated human hair extensions. While the idea and the concept are way beyond decoding which hair extension should be purchased,  confusions never seem to leave the ground! The newcomers and even the hair extension fanatics often get confused regarding the quality and the types of the hairstyles. Just like wearing the best brand of clothing and even the makeup, you do yearn for the best quality of human hair possible.

There are many questions that might pop into your head when you hunt through different websites. Which hair should I purchase? Is the quality of the hair good? Am I going to face the tangling problems? Or maybe shedding hair? Too much of complicacies! But today we are here to feature you, three of the best types of Virgin Human Hair Extensions. And trust us while we say this to you, you are going to fall in head over heels with the different styles and patterns of the beautifully weaved hair.

Let’s take a hurly-burly on the best types of Virgin human hair extension. Let us help you and guide you to take up the gorgeous extensions and let your hair do the talking for you!

1. Brazilian Hair Extensions

One of the most popular hair extensions among the women as well as in the marketplace, Brazilian hair is lustrous, versatile, highly durable and is voluminous.

  • You get the hair at quite a reasonable price and if maintained properly can last up to a year and a half.
  • The hair is extremely lustrous and has a soft texture. It blends perfectly with your natural hairstyle.
  • As it is so voluptuous in volume, you need not garner too many of the bundles. A maximum of three to four bundles is more than enough for your immaculate look.
  • Holds curls so impeccably. Due to its versatility, Brazilian hair could be well put on either wet or dry.
  • The formulation of the Brazilian hair is through the proceedings of Remy Hair where the cuticles stay intact to the roots and all the cuticles fall down in the same direction.
  • There are different patterns of Brazilian hair. You can pull off the tight pony with the straight Brazilian Hair extension, let loose your wavy curls with the Wavy Brazilian Hair extension, and there are two different curls to hold up for. Kinky curls for the bold and sassy and the deep wave to go chic stylish!

2. Malaysian Hair Extensions

If you are hair fanatic of exemplary lustrous and silky hair, my dearest queens, Malaysian Hair Extensions is definitely for you.

  • In comparison with Indian hair, Malaysian hair extensions are thicker, softer and silkier.
  • Malaysian hair doesn’t share much shedding of the hair and blends well and greatly with African American hair. Just treat the hair well to prevent yourself from tangling and get to wear the weaves in different shades of brown and black.
  • Though the hair is highly shiny, after a couple of normal washes, the shine gets faded but the hair unlocks its natural shine. But if you are seeking to retain that lustre, it is highly recommended to use Argan oil and wash and condition the hair with sulphate free products.
  • The Malaysian hair extensions are pretty thick and strong and have the capacity to hold curls over a longer period of time. You need not stay cautious about the curls, it stays intact from top to the bottom and does not even require any styling of the hair.
  • It does provide you with a natural look but you need not take so much of high care or maintenance like that of your own one.
  • There are in total, 7 different types of Malaysian Hair Extensions. Let your hair loose with deep wave Malaysian weave, secure parting or do a middle parting with the straight Malaysian hair weave, flaunt those natural silky and shiny waves with the Malaysian hair natural weave. How about a deep side parting with Malaysian hair body weave and then the curls are oh-so-gorgeous. From deep hair curls to kinky curls or even the afro curly Malaysian hair weave, if you wish people to stop and go gaga over your looks, Malaysian hair is indeed the answer for you.

3. Peruvian Hair Extensions

In comparison to Brazilian and Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair is coarser and quite thicker. If you are will to style your hair with styling machines or heat, you are bound to fall in love with the Peruvian Hair Extensions.

  • If you are a first timer in wearing a weave, Peruvian hair is one of the best supports for you.
  • The hair looks duller in comparison to Brazilian and Malaysian hair. Though with the application of Argan oil, you will be able to incur its beautiful shine.
  • There are many hair stylists who tend to take up Peruvian hair as their choice as it easily blends well with the natural hair and doesn’t require much use of hair styling products.
  • You can easily style and straighten the Peruvian hair. And comes in different colors. From black to different shades of brown, Peruvian hair is the best hair extension for everyday and casual wear.
  • Another best aspect of the Peruvian hair is that it complements African American hair textures.
  • The hair pattern comes in direct straight, curly and wavy forms. Let it lose or tie it up with different stylish hair accessories and flaunt your everyday looks so immaculately amazing.

Hair extensions are always drop dead gorgeous! And as you know, gorgeous hair is the best revenge! If you still seek recommendations, we would suggest you try different styles. There is no harm in taking risks. Remember how Martin Luther rightly quoted the statement, “The hair is the richest ornament of a woman”. There are so many ways and so many styles of Virgin hair extension looks which will make you go in awe when you view mirror reflections. Isn’t that going to be so movie-like, where you can feel the wind whirling up with your hair! So many options, so many choices, wear only the best crown, and let the guys get knocked down!

How to Maintain Wet and Wavy Brazilian Hair Weave?

Remember how T. S. Eliot rightly penned down the beautiful notable verses, “Stand on the highest pavement of the stair, lean on the garden urn-Weave, weave the sunlight in your hair”. Weaves and extensions have always been popular among girls and women. After all, it’s one of those investments where you incur the crown that you never intend to take off. And talking about hair extensions, the most popular among the lot is virgin Brazilian Hair extensions. The hair texture, quality, lustre, volume, smoothness and silky looks are all so natural and impeccably beautiful. Above everything, the different types of Brazilian hair extensions are way beyond expressions.

But then, you should take proper care of the hair weaves to make them last longer and retain its original look. It is the human hair which has been processed and formulated into Remy Hair. So you know, you can style, color and even dye your weaved hair. But then, there are many first time users who have no clear idea of retaining the look and the quality of the hair. There are many processes that you can opt for, we have put together some one of the most amazing ways and hacks that you can opt for to perpetuate the caducity of the Wet And Wavy Brazilian Hair Weave.

Now, you need to know in the first place that moisture plays a great role in keeping your weaves intact just like the first time you wore it. The hair should be taken special care to obtain moisture to the hair and continue to provide you with the awestruck looks. In case of wavy hair, it is quite a hefty process for the maintenance as it is not like straight hair extensions.

The first thing you need to know is that, how can you prevent your beautiful and sleek Wet and Wavy Brazilian Hair Weave from getting tangled! You might take it as an alert or rather simpler words, know the simplest of hacks which will not bore your any losses. Curious to know! So, there you go –

  • Try to detangle or remove the knots from the wet and wavy weave with your fingers. It would be rather useful to perform the same with the use of the wide-toothed comb.
  • Use high-quality shampoo. We recommend you to get in touch with the hair stylist to seek the best recommendation of the product to suit your hair as well as the weave.
  • Post the shampooing sessions get away with conditioner. Left the conditioning for like nearly half an hour to preserve the look and the lustre of the quality hair weave. Make sure to perform the entire proceeding from 7 days to a fortnight to maintain the quality and the shine of the hair weave.
  • If by any chance you have not performed the detangling process in the first place, this is the best moment to perform the same. In no case should you brush your wavy hair weave. Keep parting the thread one after the other.
  • After thorough conditioning, wash the hair well. Make sure that the conditioner has been accurately washed away.
  • Pat your hair dry with a towel. Do not put too much of pressure and let it air dry. Once your hair is completely dry, just sway your hair hither and thither. And give it a good shake, to restore the seemingly gorgeous curls.

  • To retain the same property, you can opt for using a hair serum or oil, form different styles with your fingers. To present with a sharp look, keep use the heating iron on low temperature and define the three styled waves.

Word to the Wise –

Do not wash the hair too frequently as this might result in hair fall. And also the beautifully embraced looks will be distorted. We suggest you wash your hair weave, two to three times a month and follow the same instructions as been stated above.

Your hair is the canvas. Every style you portray on the canvas is like expressing your sense of happiness, gleeful expressions, self-love and new beginnings. Washing and styling your weave give your fresh and splendiferous sweven feels. We understand there might be occurrences where you beautiful Brazilian Waves tend to look frizzy and don’t look lustrous! But why to worry when you can inherit the same with just a few secret hacks!

Patterning Different Styles

There are many leave-in conditioners which are available in the market. Still, we advise you to consult your stylist for the best recommendation! If you are in a hurry and do not have the right time to wash the wavy weave, don’t you worry! Just spray a little amount of water all over your hair and restore the immaculate look with leave-in conditioner. Never ever use a brush to comb the hair. There might be breakage of the hair or even hair fall. Rather smoothen it by running your fingers. Or as mentioned, you can even use a wide-toothed comb.

You can readily use different styling products and accessories to mix and match the look with your outfit or even color the hair for a sassy chic look. But we always will give a pointer that it is a weaved virgin Human Hair which is wavy in the pattern. Thus, you need to be careful before coloring or bleaching. If you ask out personal preference, bleaching should be a big no-no! Coloring has different methods and can be opted when processed and styled by experienced and savvy hair stylists.

And How Can Less Damaged Be Caused During Sleeping?

Woah! Now that is indeed a big question which has an easy answer! Before you disembark to your slumber land, part the section of your hair and fabricate into a single plait. Now, why plaiting right? Well, this actually prevents your hair from getting tangled as well as from any hair breakage. If you still seeking for other options, shielding your hair with satin bonnet is another best quick fix hack.

So now you know, there are so many simple hacks which you can adapt to extend the lifespan of your beautifully weaved pulchritudinous Brazilian Wavy Hair Extension. So why go for simple hairstyles when you can go bold, classy, chic and sassy! And like it is perfectly quoted, “Gorgeous Hair Is The Best Revenge!”

What is Brazilian Hair?

How amazing does it look to have a voluptuous, shiny and volumnized hair! Indeed, you got to believe that your hair is your crown which is never to be taken off! Sense of pride, isn’t it? And life is way too short to have boring and dull hair! For a woman, hair is the beautiful ingrown enthrone which is to be taken proper care and keep it lustrous and retain its charismatic charm.

In the recent years, we have been going through the growing popularity of virgin hair and how has it paved a great pathway for outshining every woman’s sovereignty. You might be wondering what is the concept of virgin hair? To infuse you with the knowledge, virgin hair is the part of hair extensions which is chemically processed hair bequeathed by a donor. Simply regarded as Remy hair, this type of hair extension has never been doctored with bleach, dyes, or even harsh washes.

Wondering how it has been acquired? Now, as per the origin of the donor, there are different types of virgin hair. It can be Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian or even Malaysian hair. To be honest enough, there are loads of hair extensions which you will be able to link up your requirements but to garner the best and shiny outlook, Brazilian hair has marked the way to glorious eminence. Known to be the best quality of human hair, virgin Brazilian hair is perfectly treated to keep its outlook natural and real.

What is Brazilian hair?

Brazilian Hair has been gaining its popularity due to the texture, shine and its versatileness. It is one of the most beautiful looking hair extensions that come in different patterns. You can choose to keep it wavy, straight or even curly. It has the characteristic feature of holding curls for a longer period of time and incurs high lustre. It creates a volumnizing effect and texture to your hair and throws a natural shine. You get to know the best of the results which you can implement taking up Brazilian hair extensions.

What Are The Different Types Of Brazilian Hair Extensions?

  • Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Just like a chameleon, this type of hair extension has beautifully lustrous and soft wavy curls that run straight and become wavy and continue till the end of the length. No need to styling products, the just proper weaving of the extension to your hair and the entire setting will make you go ready for your everyday chic look.

  • Brazilian Loose Wave Hair

Are you ready to be chic fashion ready? Let your long and beautiful curls hang loose and care-free. Perfect for placing the hair back and be flirtatious with your looks. Get ready to garner some really peek-a-boo and envious glances, pretty ladies!

  • Brazilian Straight Hair

Want to secure your hair into a high and tight pony? Or rather leave a straight bouncy hair that only the volume speaks for the entire outlook. Get a cosmopolitan look without much effort with the usage of these Brazilian Straight Hair Extensions.

  • Brazilian Deep Wave Hair

Spiraling hair that has intact lustre and shine, this deep wave hair extension is highly voluminous and incurs high bouncy and wavy curls. Extremely multifaceted, this hair extension can be styled in various ways. Need suggestion? Why not into a soft and messy bun or pin it high with beautiful hair accessories! How about just letting it loose with a proper side or middle parting! Awestruck looks! Isn’t it?

  • Brazilian Curly Hair

Love the kinky and coiled curls? This is definitely for you then! Take up the required bundles that will suit your royalty and match it with your outfit. Let it loose as it is extremely bouncy and full of curls. Toned makeup with a sheer highlighter and letting those kinky curls flow hither and thither! A perfect Insta Ready picture!

Advantages of Brazilian Hair

  • The extensions are chemically treated without any alterations of harsh wash, dyes or bleach. It is basically the formulation of Remy hair.
  • The virgin Brazilian hair is originated from Brazil and is treated naturally unlike the other treatment incorporated for non-virgin hair.
  • You must be confused as to what is Remy hair and how is it connected to virgin Brazilian hair. To free you from such a fuss, we are here to provide you with the details about Remy hair. It is basically the most high-quality hair that is collected from original human hair. The formation of the hair extension goes in such a way that the cuticles stay intact and flow in the same direction from the root to the tip. Thus, the Brazilian hair too is processed in the bundling process to keep the roots and the end all in one place.

  • This procedure actually supports no shedding and no tangling of the hair. It retains its shine and luster and does not get matt.
  • The Brazilian hair has a voluptuous volume of hair and can be cut the way you wish to. You also have the option to color the hair and treat it like your very own hair. Color, dying, balayage and global highlights, you can perform any coloring or styling treatment on it.

  • Whatever the form of hair extension you use, you can even tend to opt for hair styling techniques including the usage of curlers, straighteners, curling irons and other hair styling accessories and methods.
  • This time of hair extension is less time consuming as doesn’t including the procedure opted for different other hair extension methods. Only with few practices, you can become a pro! Just learn to apply for the extensions properly and you are good to go! Clip in or loop it with your original hair and let your hair do the talking!
  • It is highly perdurable and has the tenacity to last longer than any other form of virgin hair extensions.
  • And guess what! Brazilian hair is so thick and ingenuous that you do not need too many of bundles to make it look bouncy and shiny.

How to maintain the Brazilian Hair Extensions?

Top-notch lustrous and impeccably beautiful Brazilian hair extensions last for nearly 12-24 months. It entirely depends on the maintenance and care that you provide. But then how? How do you treat your own hair? Treat it in the same manner. This type of hair extension complement well with any kind of hair and you have got the freedom to color it, cut it or even set the right balayage or ombre. Have you just straightened the wavy hair? Want it back to its original look? All you got to do is spray a little amount of water to the extensions and voila! It is back to normalcy. Use the right shampoo and wrap with silk bonnet to maintain and keep the quality intact.

So, still giving a thought? Isn’t it going to be easy for you to clip in these amazingly wondrous Brazilian hair extensions? Use as many bundles as you require (thought more than 4 might make your hunt for your face). Create and flaunt your entire look with different hairstyles and complement your attire. Be the queen crowned in her own curls!

What are the Different Types Of Hair Extensions?

Fall back in love with your hair. Make it long, make it short, make it ombre or maybe a balayage? But then not everyone yearns for colored hair or same styling of hair with a different outfit! Or maybe thin hair turns up to be a big-time problem for you. Change your hair as beautiful hair makes an ecstatic head. You might be wondering that wigs will do the entire work for you! But then, we say, wigs are for older women and extensions are for the slaying queens who yearn for longer and voluptuous hair!

Before delving in about the concept of hair extensions, you should there are two types of hair extensions. Human hair extension as the name suggests is made out of real human hair which is bequeathed by the donor. The extension is created in such a way that is known to be a remy hair where the hair has no tangling issues and flows in one direction, from the tip to the toe. And then there is synthetic hair extension which is fabricated with synthetic fibres and materials and 0 percent human hair. There are huge differences between using real and fabricated extensions. For natural and wavy looks, even for coloring techniques, real hair extensions works the best and enhances your entire look.

Let’s now take a merry go round on the different techniques and proceedings of the genre of hair prolongation.

1. Loop Hair Extension

Also known as micro link hair extensions, this procedure of hair extension is executed by looping the extensions with the natural hair. You must be wondering how can that stay intact? The implementation of the process is done with the help of a pair of pliers and a metal bead to keep it intact. At first, the small sections of hair are taken and then it is tightened with the metal beads. The entire proceeding takes near about 3 hours.

Modus Operandi

Just like you treat your normal hair, this hair extension is no different. Treat it like you have owned your natural hair like a crown. You do not need to perform the extension again and again. Just a little touch up every 3-4 months and Viola! You are good to go!
The entire thing stays intact for nearly 3 to 4 months; it also depends upon the hair growth to understand when you need a touch-up.

2. Clip In Hair Extension

Just as the name suggests, clip in hair extensions are done where wefts of hair are collected and small clips are attached to it. This clip has easy to open and close system that allows you to perform the setting all alone. Isn’t that great! Quite temporary in style, this hair extension is perfect for those who wish to style their hair for a day or so. Unlike other hair extension procedure, this clip in formula takes few countable minutes. The more you practice; you tend to become a dab hand.

Modus Operandi

We will undoubtedly advice you to seek for real hair extensions rather than the synthetic ones. Pretty easy to maintain and perform the process, do not wash the hair regularly. Same as the above-mentioned hair extension techniques, treat this like your natural hair, brush, shampoo, blow dry and you can even use styling products. This hair extension will work as long as you take proper care of it.

3. Tape In Hair Extension

One of the easiest and most favorite for the get to go style, tape in hair extension is a piece of cake to engage in and snug as a bug in a rug. (Dying to need one! Isn’t it?) As the name states, tape in has the adhesive tape attached to the tip of the extensions. Part your hair into different sections and interpolate the sections with the tape in warp and woof. A bit time consuming than clip in extensions, tape in hair extension needs to be applied carefully else you might suffer hair damage. We suggest you seek the help of the virtuoso.

Modus Operandi

Make sure when you are using the hair care products. Do not put much effort into using hair care products like shampoo and conditioners. This might lead to the loosing of the tape which might also result in slipping off the hair. These hair extensions are semi-permanent and even bigwig hair stylists recommend to use specialized shampoo and conditioners that will not affect the extensions. The entire product can last up to 2 to 4 months depending on how to take proper care of the hair extensions.

4. Sew In Hair Extensions

Also known as weaving hair extensions or braided hair extensions, this particular hair extension technique is pulled off with the braiding of the hair into a cornrow in the first place. Later the extensions are weaved using a needed in the cornrow. This procedure mainly opts for the ones with thick hair. The entire procedure is very time consuming and weaving too takes a long time. It might even occur that it puts an extra strain on your scalp. Not everyone should perform this procedure especially people with thin hair and sensitive scalp.

Modus Operandi

Moisturizing the scalp is very much important which is why you need deep conditioning products. Popular professional stylists will provide you all the important and required treatments that you need to opt for to maintain the entire styling. The entire procedure lasts for about one a half month or so. The maximum period of time you can opt for is 4 months but not more than that.

5. Fusion Hair Extensions

This hair extension technique is actually the application of the natural hair with contrasting adhesives. Also known as pre bonded hair extensions, this gimmick should be performed by savvy hairdressers. Quite a time consumable course of action, fusion hair extension is not suited for everyone. Mostly not opted by the hair stylists, this form of hair extension process is quite damaging to the hair as the adhesive used for application of the extension is somewhat like hot and strong glue. Or there might be the procedure of using a heat clamp to soften the glue to stick the hair strands to different little sections of the hair.

Modus Operandi

Just as the same way, you take proper and healthy care of your natural hair, for the fusion hair extensions you can opt for the same treatment. Touch-up is required every 2 to 3 months or depending upon the growth of your natural hair. We suggest you make sure that your hair will be going through loads of chemical application which might result in hair breakage so make sure to take proper care of it. The entire process that lasts in this hair extension technique is maximum of 4 months. Like we mentioned before, it is not necessarily the same for everyone, it varies on the hair growth.

6. Wigs

Last but not the least, mostly opted for its synthetic hair extension, Wigs are the ones that cover the entire part of the hair at the same time can be used for different hairstyles. Applied topically, wigs have netted setting which comes in various shapes and sizes. For instance, you need to tie up your hair in a knot and place the wig that is formulated in the form of a bun in your head and secure it with a bobby pin. It is the best procedure to hide the baldness or make a different hairstyle with the loose ones.

Modus Operandi

These are little problematic when it comes to washing. Take proper care of it. The wigs made with real hair can last for about a year or so. The ones which are already designed needs proper care as it is mostly formulated with synthetic hair.

So many procedures, so many styles, your hair is the crown which you can never take off. To increase your hair also its volume, wish for the desired colour or you can even perform it yourself. The best thing about hair extensions is you know what? It shouldn’t look like one! After all, life is too short to have boring hair days!